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It wasn't much to look at

just a place you pass through

another dying brush country town

before the eagle ford boom

now restaurants, hotels and motels,

have been popping up these past years

even the locals feel like visitors here

in Cotulla

For two weeks I work

atop the derrick at night

the lights from the rigs

are a beautiful sight

they shine like stars

hanging above the town

lately some of those stars have started fallin down

on Cotulla


Because the oil's still flowin

but the market's run dry

We all knew it was a matter of time

before you went on back to what you were before

you had it coming to ya


You can blame OPEC

for the price of Brent

You can blame the Iran Deal

or the President

but I can only blame myself

for not getting a degree

10 years experience in a dying industry

in Cotulla



I'm not going down like you Cotulla

I'm not going back to what I was before

Working 8 to 5

won't be so bad

home on the weekends

and time to be a dad

I'm not going to miss

I'm not going to miss


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