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"Cole Allen is a one man power plant of songwriting electricity, churning out the juice with his arms, legs, mouth, and soul" - Chris Dean, Longview News Journal

"Cole Allen is an amazing singer-songwriter. His storytelling touches, challenges and entertains. A touch of pathos, sometimes humor, more often than not based on personal experience elevates Cole's music from the norm. He is a must listen artist!" - Suzanne Bardwell, Gladewater Mirror

"Allen is as real as rawhide, and his songs offer rugged poetry" - Jeff Prince, Fort Worth Weekly

"The last time Cole played at Texas Music City (opening for Zane Williams) it was a packed house.  During Cole's set, the room was silent in between songs, and the only other person I've seen be able to do that in our bar is Walt Wilkins." - Tye Phelps, (owner of Texas Music City Grill)


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