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Death Do Us Part

The Lord sent an angel down from Heaven

and I met her on Christmas day in 2007

Our love was in flower as winter turned to spring

and everyday was like Christmas when she was with me

The greatest gift I ever received was her loving heart

and I want it to beat with mine til death do us part

If there ever comes a time when the music starts to fade

I'll be your songbird with a youthful serenade

Though my words may not rhyme and I might not be in tune

I'll cry out like a coyote howlin at the moon

I want our love to be as fresh as it has been from the start

So we can sing in harmony til death do us part

When clouds cover the sky and your world turns gray

I'll cut through like sunshine to brighten up your day

The rains gonna come and when it does it pours

but this ring is a promise, a rainbow after the storm

Relationships are 50 50, we have to do our part

I promise I'll give 60 til death do us part

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