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Hills of Odessa

The sun came rising up in the west

Found me wide awake, feeling my best

Each day is a little better than the rest

Since we've been through

Well I finally gave up drinking

My phone won't stop ringin

Lately I've been thinkin

That I'm finally over you


I'm going to shout it out atop the Hills of Odessa

that I dont miss ya, anymore

And just as sure, as the Houston snow

I know, I don't love you any more

As for me, you know I'll be alright

You know I'm doing alright

Well I'm glad you kept the boys

I enjoy the peace and quiet without all their noise

It's not so hard to fill the voids

Since we've been though

And I love my new place

It's only one bedroom, but feels like a lot more space

It won't be hard to replace

A woman like you


And the day you come running back to me

I'll stand as tall as the trees in Abilene

And I'll say no


The sun came rising up in the west...

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