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Independence Day

Under the bridge, come dawns early light

First mornings cigarette is burning bright

Pain in his stomach, not sure what from

Could be hunger, or fear of whats to come

The band marches on Main Street, in the big parade

The people pass on by him, but they don't look his way

They're off to celebrate the freedom, that he fought for

But homeless aren't heroes, regardless what they've done before

And the crowds start to assemble, as the sun it starts to set

His heart starts pounding, he breaks out in a cold sweat


Oh the rockets red glare

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof in his mind

That he was still there

There was a time, he'd have fit right in

Just an innocent young kid, model citizen

His number was drawn, and he went away

When he came back, a part of him had stayed

And no matter where he runs, he's never too far gone

Just a firework away, from being back in Saigon


And if only he'd been so lucky, like his brothers who'd gone before

They'd celebrate him too, if only he'd died in war


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